Spring sessions

To be fully transparent, the spread of coronavirus has really hit my financial stability and wiped nearly all of my income for the next two months. I've been living almost entirely off of my work as a freelance photographer since graduating from CMU in May, and with so many events being cancelled all of my work has been dropped. I was planning on going to and shooting indoor percussion and guard shows for the next 6 weeks, and in the last 24 hours every single one of them has been cancelled.

If you or anyone you know needs senior photos, headshots, family photos, or anything of the like, I now have much more time on my hands and would love to find new ways to keep myself busy!

I am currently living in Indianapolis, but I will be in Michigan with family for Easter, and will be in state for some time before and after. If you live anywhere in Indiana or Michigan, I will surely be glad to travel and meet your needs!

If you're interested in booking a session, you can go to this page for more information and ways to contact me!

I have updated the prints of my street work on Pixieset. If you are too far away or unavailable to book a session but are interested in supporting me by buying a print, you can do that here. If there's a non-band photo from my social media that you would like to see added so you can order a print, let me know!


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