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Tony McCrackin is a recent transplant to Indiana after graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in music in 2019. His photography work is centered around portraiture and the performing arts. 

Tony is currently living and working as a freelance photographer in Indianapolis, primarily with Performing Arts Photography by Bateman, FloMarching, 317 Performing Arts, and the Madison Scouts. 

During the summers of 2018 and 2019, Tony traveled the country on the media team for the Madison Scouts specializing in photography and social media. He worked actively with the administration of the Scouts to help ensure the best experience for the membership and to document and share the story of the summer. 


In time spent outside of photography and the marching arts, Tony enjoys spending time with friends and family, scrolling through miles of social media feeds, drinking coffee, exploring Indianapolis, listening to the same handful of broadway musicals on repeat, and keeping up to date with his favorite podcasts.

Photo by Josh Clements

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