About Me

Hello! My name is Tony McCrackin, I'm a photographer based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. My photography is pretty diverse, recently I've been focusing on portraiture, photography documenting my life, and images centered around my experiences in the marching arts. 


I grew up in Grand Ledge, Michigan and have been a creative spirit as far back as I remember, from my involvement in elementary music through my high school's band, choir, and musical theatre programs, and then leading into my BS in Music from Central Michigan University - which actually helped my discover my passion and strength in photography. 

In 2017, I picked up a camera to take photos of some events at the School of Music and never looked back. I decided that if I'm going to to something I might as well be great at it, so I practiced my portraiture, took photos and did social media for the School of Music, and worked two summers on the media team at the Madison Scouts while finishing my degree.

I currently work as a freelance photographer in and around Indianapolis, with relationships with several companies I work for semi-consistently, including Performing Arts Photography by Bateman, Blue Devils Performing Arts, FloSports, the Madison Scouts, and 317 Performing Arts. In addition to my work in the performing arts, I do a lot of portrait photography, especially for high school seniors, college graduates, and engaged couples. 

In time spent outside of photography and the marching arts, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring Indianapolis, following current events, drinking coffee, listening to the same few albums on repeat, and listening to podcasts.