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2023 Retrospective and Favorite Photos

Another great year in the books. Another year of growth personally and professionally, of new experiences, new clients, and many many photos.

In 2019 when I moved to Indianapolis and started taking this freelancing thing full time, I set a few goals for work I'd like to be doing as well as people and organizations I'd like to be working with. I was already working for FloMarching at that time, and started working with Bateman on my literal first full day in Indiana, and quickly started teaching, but as someone trying to make a living doing this - doing more has always been the plan. At that time I hadn't even started doing HS Senior Photos or Weddings, didn't own (or know how to use) a flash, and had so much to learn.

This post, much like my photography, I'm going to divide into three sections: Performing Arts, Weddings & Portraiture, and my time with Friends and Family.


Performing Arts

2023 felt like the culmination of years of a mission and goal set for me. Three of the major organizations I wanted to work with when I moved here were Drum Corps International, Music for All/Bands of America, and Winter Guard International. In 2023 I started working with all three. First covering the Indianapolis Percussion Regional for WGI, then doing three days of the Summer Symposium for MFA, BOA Blast in Denton, shooting Open Class Finals for DCI, and then wrapping up my year doing the BOA San Antonio Super Regional and BOA Grand Nationals. So many new events were added to my schedule, all while continuing to cover WGI and DCI events for FloMarching, the state marching band, guard, and HS dance circuits for Bateman, adding an additional weekend of Irish Dance, and making my way to do a Colts game with the drumline on the very last day of the year.

I continue to be shocked every time my face or name is recognized by performers in this activity. I appreciate all of y'all, and love hearing the stories about that one photo I got years ago, or that you follow me on instagram (and twitter apparently?) and whatever our connection may be. The best example of this for me was doing Avon HS's band composite in December, there were several students who walked in and did a double take when they saw that it was me taking the photos. So if you see me, say hi! I enjoy the people of this activity, and

In (mostly) chronological order, here are some of my favorite photos of the performing arts in 2023. Best when consumed full screen.


Weddings & Portraiture

2023 was the year I also finally felt not just comfortable doing weddings, but that I fell IN LOVE with doing weddings. As someone who chronically overthinks and doubts myself, doing a wedding (especially alone) is one of the hardest things for me mentally. Always grateful for everyone I work weddings with, especially Natalie McIntire and Luke Molloy who I have the pleasure of working with time and time again over the years.

I am always grateful for each couple for so many reasons, but as someone who went through a breakup this year, I was so grateful for the couples I worked with who made me love their love and just believe in love all over again. I may have been capturing your joy for you, but know that I was holding it close to my chest and so grateful for so many cherished moments.

I had such a great time with all of my portrait clients this year. I feel like I continue to grow in the studio, and am progressively bringing that knowledge and comfort with light outdoors with me as I do sessions, opting more and more to bring a light with me and even when not, having a better understanding of light without it. Really enjoyed the Class of 2024, looking forward to the seniors I have remaining this spring!

The thing I am most planning on changing for weddings and portraiture in 2024 is having a system that will be better suited to onboard portrait clients, schedule and book sessions, and hopefully be able to provide a better experience with clients before and after the session, and hopefully accommodate more people than before!

In (mostly) chronological order, here are some of my favorite photos from portrait and wedding shoots in 2023. Best when consumed full screen.


Friends & Family

It feels to me like every year it gets harder to spend time with people I love. Part of adulthood, I've learned, is intentionally creating time to prioritize what is most important. And as important as my work is to me, I'm sorry but it's impossible to compete with the loved ones back home.

I've also tried to maintain a habit of walking around with a camera. Something about carrying a camera when you walk around just helps me notice and appreciate specific beauties of the world around me that I wouldn't otherwise.

My biggest change in photography of friends and family 2023 was buying the Fuji x100V. I found one used at a good price in January, and scooped it up that same day. As much as I love my Canon equipment for my professional work, I don't like using a camera or lens that's any bigger than it has to be when I'm trying to slip something in my pocket at a party, on the boat, or when I have a drink in the other hand. The x100V is great for this exact thing and something that has inspired me to get out and shoot more with friends and family.


In Summary

A great year, and a year thats setting me up for an incredible 2024. Grateful for everyone who made this year what it was, looking forward to all the future has for me. Thank you to anyone who read this all!

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Continually amazed by your work and dedication to your craft. Love the insight through your blog and can’t wait to see what you do in 2024!

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