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Preparing for the Class of 2022!

Hello Seniors and their families!

Anyone who knows me knows that fall is always the busiest time for me. With all that comes the most popular time of the year for senior and family photos, but also the marching band season as an educator and photographer in the activity. I'm very excited to start feeling truly busy and really ramping up the production that I've been refining, but the thing I am primarily concerned about this fall is making sure I can work with everyone's schedule as much as I traditionally like to.

My hope is to schedule as much as I can as early as I can in advance! I am formally starting my senior photo ‘season’ for the class of 2022 in August, but I only have a handful of available dates between August and October.

So here is what I'm hoping for - I hope I am able to do it all, can do what I absolutely love to do by being very involved both as a photographer and someone involved in the marching arts.

I have grown so much as a photographer in the last couple years, and so much of that is due to so many incredible clients that give me opportunities to experiment, to have fun, and to make photos that we will both love. So excited for more opportunities, getting to know new people, and make more photos for more incredible people.

If you have any questions, please reach out! I'm looking forward to helping, answering any questions, and getting to take more photos!

For the form to submit to schedule a session, go to the bottom of [this page]

To see more photos, go to [this page]



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